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where were you?

There is an episode of Blue Bloods where they focus on the memory of our ladies and gents in Blue and what there did and sacrificed when the twin towers came down. There are parts in the episode where Tom Selleck asks "where were you on 9/11?" These events are scarred in our minds as a reminder of what can happen. It is also a reminder of what does happen in the aftermath both good and bad. So I want to ask the following questions; 1) where were you on 9/11? 2) where were you on 7/7? 3) where were you on 6/14? My answers to these questions are as follows: On 9/11  I was in school. By the time the towers were hit, in the UK I was in afternoon class. There was an emergency assembly called and we all piled into the hall and the announcement was made, there had been a major terrorist attack in the USA. We were sent back to our form rooms and televisions were there. We started watching the new with live coverage from the States. Even as a teenager I remember the horror in the clas