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I Wish

As a kid, when it was your birthday you parents would tell you to "Make a wish" when you blew out your candles. I remember mine were always all over the place. I wanted to be a dancer, a singer, an actress, a soldier, a missionary, a teacher, a spy, a millionaire and many many things along this line. Somehow the transition into adulthood changes a person and what means most to them. They go from wishing for aspirations to begging for instant gratification. How many women out there "wish" for Mr Right and settle for Mr Right Here? I was guilty of it too!  The saddest thing for me to realise however is that my wishes are no longer about dreams but survival! In this last month of lockdown I have kept track of my wishes and it makes me sad. I will share some of the things I have wished for. 1) to win the lottery to be able to pay off my crippling debt. 2) if I don't win the lottery, a flood to destroy my flat so I can get a full pay out on my content insurance to cl