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How do you know if someone is Flirting?

 I am needing help from the Neuro Diverse community. I have autism. I am not very good at reading people or even reading my own behavior. Usually, it doesn’t matter because my work colleagues know this so if I start feeling confused, they help me out. Unfortunately, my colleagues were not with me when I went to the store today. I went to the store and had one of those “sales” people to help me change my energy provider. Now the confusing bit is, I don’t know if the guy was flirting with me. Even more so, I am not even sure if I was flirting. How can you tell if someone is flirting with you? I really don’t know. I need help identifying this. Please, if anyone in the Neuro-diverse community can help me or Neuro-Typical people help me understand this. ALL HELP APPRECIATED!!!