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SUPRENT Corded Hair Clippers for Men - Review

 I brought these hair clippers from and now I am here to review. Price The price of them when I brought them was £26 so it was not that bad considering how much that came with it including size guiders, scissors, bibb, side clip guides, and hair clips. However, I found out why it was so cheap. Product Some of the items that were supposed to be in the box did not arrive with it and one of the size guides was very flimsy and broke.  The worst part of this product was the actual clipper itself. I used it twice. The first time the clipper got hot when I used it but it was bearable. The second time I used it I ended up having to handle it with a tea towel because it got to the point I thought that I would burn my hand. I had to finish cutting my hair nail scissors because I did not dare use it any longer. Whilst using it as well there started to have a smell of burning.  It also did not do a proper shave and had to go over areas again and again. This is not good for people who