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TV and Autism

I have been thinking recently how much I relied on television to help me grow up. Being one of those women who was missed in childhood as autistic because we were born in the wrong decade, I really struggled in school. I didnt have friends that I could socialise with, all I had was TV. Even today, when I am feeling down I resort to Dhar Mann videos to remind me of what is right to do. So here is a rundown on shows that helped me growing up. 1) The OC early seasons. Showed me that just because people have money doesnt make them happy so be grateful for the good you do have. 2) hang time. This showed me girls are just as capable as boys. 3) Space Above and Beyond. Showed me that Loyalty is a good thing especially when it is reciprocal. 4) Profiler. Showed me that bad things happen to good people but running away is not always the answer. These are just 4 shows I watched growing up, but they helped me learn. Honestly there are so many to count but it can be a double edged sword. Autistic