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Love of an Animal

I wanted to write today about the love you can get from animals. At the start of the pandemic, I was alone. I had no one. I was here on my own, shielding off my own back because my medical professionals would not see the truth. Before the 2 nd lockdown, I got my two guinea pigs. I have two girls called Chocolate and Bright-Eyes. They show me love all the time. All they ask for from me is food and hugs and I get all the love I need. They are the reason why I have been able to survive so long with my sanity. Animals are important in your life. If you have a pet, they give you unconditional love and make your world so much nicer. Chocolate and Bright-Eyes make an amazing squeaking noise when I goto the fridge. They are then waiting for me at the edge of their cage excited to get hugs and food. It makes me smile every time. If you are low and have the capability get yourself a pet. I would say only get one if you can afford it. Don’t put yourself at risk financially.