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Disability is not an excuse

Being classed as disabled does not give you a pass on being an asswhole! Being disabled does not give you a reason to be a mooch. I am very qualified to say this because I am disabled. I have Autism, Asthma, Spinal Problems, Dyslexia, Depression and PTSD. Yet, despite the fact I deal with these issues I still work. For those in the disabled community who can work with adjustments, but decide not to, then you are perpetuating the image that disabled people can't work. You are perpetuating the idea that we should never be able to work or be part of mainstream society. Do not get me wrong, there are people in the disability community who legitimatly can't work and these people should be protected. For those who can work and choose not to then you are making things worse for those of us who do work. I want to see more people embracing their disabilitys, whilst also showing people that we can still work as we

PIP Breaches Human Rights

I recently completed a course in Equality and Diversity and part of that course gives the student a major insight into the Human Rights Act.   Since completing the course I have realized the PIP Benefit breaches my Human Rights! So, I want to say, the MUST be a disability benefit that is not means-tested. The reason for this is that it entices disabled people to work. Most people with disabilities must make a decision about what will work for them, working, or being on benefits. The reason for this is that when a disabled person works, from my own experience 50%-60% of the disposable income from the salary goes to doing things to keep them in work. Therefore, their ability to do basic things like getting new glasses, getting a haircut, buying new clothes becomes more an occasional extra rather than something that they can do on a regular basis. This is why a non-means-tested disability benefit is important. It would help reduce unemployment in the country and bring more money in ta

Learning through annoyance

There is fun to be had with your disabilities. I recently had fun with a colleague who did not know what Dragon software was. This is something that has been around for a long while so to not know what it was is to me, ridiculous. I had said to her “I have dragon, to help me work”. The look of confusion on her face was amazing. I could see the cogs in her brain turning. She said to me “you have a dragon?” I looked at her in sheer surprise. For one thing I had not said that I had a dragon, I had said I have dragon. My response to this question was not to say, no it is speech-to-text software. That would have been the kind thing to do. My response was “Yes, I have a dragon, his name is Bob” and then I walked off. It is not something that I should be proud of but I am. Having disabilities is hard enough when people are not fully listening. I know it was a minor error on my colleagues’ part, but it is something that is frustrating. When I must think about everything I say and, seco

Bring yourself to work

It is important that you are able to bring yourself to work. People with health conditions and disabilities often feel like they are unable to bring their whole self. The reason why they feel like they can’t is because of their health. I am here to tell you, forget the stigma around your conditions and bring your whole self to work. For many years I worked on the “ideal employee” image. This never worked for me. When I would have a depressive episode, I never felt like I could talk to people and then I would internalize everything. As my conditions/disabilities worsened or more diagnoses were received I would burn out so much quicker. When I got my autism diagnosis I decided to say “F*** It I am going to open up”. This was the best thing that I could have done. I have now completed my 4 th year at my job. This is unheard of for me. The longest I had been in work prior to this was 2-2.5 years. I am now entering in my 5 th year and at the end of that my annual leave increases.