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We have a responsibility.

People have a need to be online and be influential. People want to help especially those who are following crimes around the world. I am watching the “Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel” on Netflix and there has been something that I have noticed that I need to speak about. This story is around the disappearance and death of Elisa Lam at the Cecil Hotel. The LAPD investigated the disappearance and when her body is found, her death. It was ruled accidental drowning caused by her Bi-Polar disorder. The problem with this case was the internet sleuths who jumped onto the case. The internet detectives locked onto a singer called Morbid as her killer. This is not the case. Morbid had evidence to prove that he was not in the hotel when Elisa Lam died but the internet detectives did not like this, and it would not sway them. When you do not have all the facts then you are able to leap to the wrong conclusions. It does not help that the LAPD has not released the case files from her case but h