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Stopping COVID-19 The reality

Dear Mr Johnson and the UK There are so many storys about what will happen if an when a local lockdown is enacted or even more dramatic a national lockdown. But no hard facts as yet. The reality of it is that this country needs to be ashamed. We are an Island and we are being shown up by countries like New Zealand who have had zero infection rate in over 100 days. Pretty sure their a smaller country then ours and yet we cant get it together. Part of the reason they have had such success is that they didnt go through the whole Mass immunisation theory that you did Mr Johnson. Covid hit them and they locked down immediately. Your delay has been a serious over sight. Now I have been shielding since I had COVID-19 in March and have underlying health conditions that the COVID team told me to shield and I said fine. But it has given me a unique and I mean unique look at what is happening in this country. I have seen so much stupidity over this