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How Celebrities Impacted this Autistic Persons life.

  Celebrities don’t often know how they impact people's lives. I mean they know how the fan clubs and the die-hard fans are impacted but not everyone. So, I wanted to write this post to thank key, influential celebrities who impacted my life. So before I go into the thank you’ let me explain.   Until I was 31 I knew I was different and that I struggled with a lot. I was diagnosed at 31 years old as autistic and that made sense to me. Because I had been undiagnosed and un-supported I took a lot of what I knew about interactions and being a person from television. I often still to this day use what I see on TV to guide my actions and how I interact with people. So here we go: Lucy Lawless. Thank you for your role as Xena Warrior Princess. You impacted my life as you played the Character Xena Warrior Princess. Not only did I take from this show that women can go through tough times but they can survive them. As an abuse survivor from a young age, this was important to me. Later

I bet they did not know....

 So this is me writing about something random.  As someone who was born in the wrong decade and got missed as a child for the autism diagnosis, I watched a lot of television. It informed me of how to behave in the real world... Sometimes I got it right, other times I got it incredibly wrong. But I have always wondered if the writers of these shows knew how much their shows help in today's world. Some times in the most bizarre ways. I have been undergoing CBT therapy for PTSD and we are at the stage where we update the memory. You bring things in that you know now, to bring down the emotional element of the memory. You can use anything that will help you the trick is that it has to mean something to you. For me, I used two things that I knew from TV that meant something to me. Anti-Possession Symbol For those of you who are Supernatural fans, you will know the symbol I mean. Dean and Sam have it tattoed on them. Always nice to see the symbol.  The symbol is to stop demons and angels