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How Celebrities Impacted this Autistic Persons life.

  Celebrities don’t often know how they impact people's lives. I mean they know how the fan clubs and the die-hard fans are impacted but not everyone. So, I wanted to write this post to thank key, influential celebrities who impacted my life. So before I go into the thank you’ let me explain.   Until I was 31 I knew I was different and that I struggled with a lot. I was diagnosed at 31 years old as autistic and that made sense to me. Because I had been undiagnosed and un-supported I took a lot of what I knew about interactions and being a person from television. I often still to this day use what I see on TV to guide my actions and how I interact with people. So here we go: Lucy Lawless. Thank you for your role as Xena Warrior Princess. You impacted my life as you played the Character Xena Warrior Princess. Not only did I take from this show that women can go through tough times but they can survive them. As an abuse survivor from a young age, this was important to me. Later