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Body Beautiful

Hi all If you are struggling with body image, I would like to say that you should all watch Ru Pauls Drag Race. I have had body image issues for years. I believe that part of this is because the LGBT community had not recognized Gender Fluid. Growing up I was never feeling completely like a tomboy or a girly girl. In the 80s and 90s, you were either a girly girl or a tomboy. I would feel more masculine one day and more feminine the other day. There were days I was dressed up like a boy and other days I was wearing dresses. Some days I wanted to fix my hair and makeup and look pretty and other days I would just want to run around climb trees and play with the boys. I never understood why this was. So, I had a lot of body issues. On the days where I felt girly, I hated my size. I was a UK size 12 and maybe 11 stone and just felt fat. Other days I would hate myself because I was not muscly and strong and I felt weak. This has led me into adulthood where I still hate the way my body is for