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When the system lets you down

I know that Kathy Swanson is never going to read this. I just felt that I had to write this blog post.   I just watched an episode of Evil Lives Here.   For those who do not know it is a show where family members of people who were evil monsters tell their side of the story and what they saw. When someone is proved to be a monster the family is often blamed. This is why I love the show because it shows that the families are the victims as well.   I just watched season 6 episode 1 which is Kathy Swanson’s story. Her son Michael killed convenience store clerks really rather randomly. In this episode, I get so angry though. Not because of the family but because of what happened to the family. They saw the signs and tried to get help. They were absolutely terrified of their son and even had to implement safety measures around the house to keep them safe. They went to multiple organizations and said “we need help” because of their sons seriously disturbing behavior and they were