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Birthday and Positive Vibes

So this will be the last time I say anything about this. July 7th is my birthday. Less then two weeks away. Some people have been asking me what am I expecting from it and to be honest, the answer is nothing. Due to the family that I come from I expect no presents or cards. I have yet to hear from any of them that they want to get me something so I just decided you know what this year, I am not going to expect anything. This means, if what I think happens happens, I am not going to be broken hearted. To give you an idea of what my family is like on my birthday, one year I got woken up by my dad, I thought to wish me happy birthday. Oh how wrong I was, it is forever engraved on my brain what he said "Sorry X, I forgot it was your birthday and lost my money gambling". Really not what you want to hear on your birthday. Another occassion, I got woken up by my mum again, wishfully thinking she woke me up to say happy birthday, and oh was I wrong