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Updated: Review of O2 Network - Not loyal to customers

******************* UPDATE My review of O2 went live last Saturday. On Sunday I had made further contact with O2 and they agreed to provide me with a refurbished phone. I have now received my refurbished Samsung Note 10 and replacement sim. Unfortunately, this is not a fully happy ending because I feel that the only reason I got the replacement phone is that I told them the following; 1) They can remove the data package as I would not be using it and therefore will not pay for DATA 2) They can cancel the insurance 3) they can write off the device cost as I refuse to pay for a device that I do not have. I know I lost the phone but how many of you would pay £360 (in device charges) for a device you did not have, especially as replacing the device for new would cost you more than that. Whilst I am glad they rectified the awfulness that they put me through, however, I still say if you are disabled look at them more cautiously. I do not know if I will stay with O2 at the end of my contract,

Physical Disability - The Truth

Today I am going to write about being physically disabled. Unfortunately, you can’t see my physical disability. It is, however, something that really affects me. I have Kyphosis of the cervical spine, an extra disc in my lumbar spine, and degeneration of the facet joints. I also have hypermobility in my knees and ankles. This causes me a lot of pain on a daily basis. I have crutches for when my knees and ankles are hurting too much. Since having COVID last year I have been dealing with a lot of pain in my knees and ankles again. Unless you see me on crutches you don’t get to see that I have a disability. Because of my spine, I have to carry a stool with me everywhere I go. This is so that I can sit down when I get too much pain. This can be something embarrassing as if it is raining, I need to put it into a different bag as I can't carry it on my shoulder. It can get me some weird looks when I have to put my stool up in a shop or outside the shop. It is really difficult for me

Dear Dhar Mann

Before I went to bed tonight, I was watching some of your videos. Because of this, I knew I had to write this. When something gets into my head, I can’t do anything else until I get it out. I know you will probably never read this and even if you do, you probably get 1,000,000 or more letters like this, so a response is negligible. So, I am under no illusion that I will get a response which is also why I am writing it on my blog. For me, your videos have been a lifesaver. To use your words “you see”. I grew up in a family where abuse ran wild. Some people call how I feel “Middle Child Syndrome”, I call it surviving abuse. My family’s mantra was “don’t trust what she says” or “what can we blame her for”. So, I didn’t have the best family life, and still don’t. Between the abuse I suffered and the undiagnosed autism I found myself in situations as an adult that I was ill-equipped to handle. This further put a wrench in any relationship with my family. I was told in my late 20s my

Surviving Life Part 2

Yesterday I wrote about the conditions and experiences that I had in the first 20 years of my life. That was the dyslexia, autism, and the abuse I suffered. It has not been easy for me. In 2007 I was diagnosed with depression. I do not want to go into the details around it but let's just say that it was as a result of work. I was in a bad way. I took a penknife to my hand. That is how low that I got. Depression has been an ongoing battle since then however, I am now more in control of it. With depression I want to say, you can master it. You may never be completely free of it; however, you can conquer it. I am able to spot triggers within my own body and try and take corrective steps to avoid a full-blown depressive episode. I am not able to always beat it, but it is something that I would be able to have a fighting chance. June 2017 the Grenfell Tower Fire happened. I spent some time helping out at the pop-up centers. There were kids on the estate I lived on so I talked to t

Why do I support others?

 If you are reading this on my twitter, you will know all the diagnosis I have as I put them in the descriptions bar with #. But still people wonder why I care so much about supporting others. Well here is why. Dyslexia I was 16 when I was diagnosed with dyslexia and I can honestly say, I do not think I would have made it through 6th form without two amazing teachers. Mr. Phillips had me for AS Sociology and he noticed straight away that my essay skills for sociology were not that good. Out of a possible 20, I was getting 1-3s out of it. One day he pulled me aside and said I want to help you because I know you are capable of much more just your needing help. NB I had only been diagnosed as dyslexic a year at this point. From that point on when I got my homework back if the result was in the single digits he would find a free period that he and I had together. He would talk about the homework assignment and pointed out places where I could have picked up more marks. He would then tell m

Mental Wellbeing, Physical Wellbeing, Financial Wellbeing

Being a shielder on my own there have been many times I have let my own wellbeing falter. My personal care has gone out of the window and I am then worried about everything else that I have to deal with. There are so many elemants to wellbeing that if one falters then the rest are sure to tumble. Take for instance, mental well being. Some times this falters because I have had a particularly confusing day at work and I start feeling down on myself, or therapy has been traumatic and I can't bring myself back to an even keel. It could also be that I feel low about being a shielder on my own. These things can have a negative impact on you that sends the rest into a tail spin. If you think out it, when you are mentally struggling you do not want to do much and are much more likely to pay for stupid things that you are unable to afford and less likely to move about and do physical activities. When I am struggling physically for instance my back is causing me so much pain I do not

Medical Stress & Suing Culture

Some people in the medical community really frustrate me beyond belief. I am asthmatic, I am autistic, Dyslexic, with Depression, PTSD and spinal problem. I have been living with my conditions for a while now and the asthma my entire life and yet, there are some medical professionals who believe they know better then me about my body. So here is why it is annoying. In 2008 I had a massive cancer scare. I had a 14cm lump in my left breast. Luckily for me it was benign but it got so big because I brushed it off. It would appear and disappear when I was having my periods. At the time my periods were so erratic that I just thought it was a by product of hormones because crazy. Until the day it did not go away and got bigger. I had to go through tests, ultra sounds and even surgery. The healing process was terrible. I vowed never to be in that situation again. Now it gets really frustrating when you speak to a medical professional and then he ignores the fact that you know what your

Welcome to my world

Welcome to my world. It is a crazy place. It is a confusing place. I am a disabled adult who is Autistic, Dyslexic, with Asthma, Depression, PTSD and Spinal Problems. This is great for being only 34 years old. I had to start a new blog because I could no longer afford my blog on Wordpress which sucked but because of COVID-19 I had to cut back. Honestly I cant be too sad about it because I am doing my part. Due to my disabilities I have had to be shielding during this COVID-19 situation. In the beginning I was really struggling with being a shielder. I wanted to go out and help people and I was stuck inside. It made me feel so low you could not imagine. What I found out however, staying inside I was helping. I was keeping a high risk person off the streets which could potentially cause problems for the health system. That helped me hugely. What I also found was I could do things from my own home. Due to my autism I struggle with food so what I was doing, I would keep th