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Drawbacks to Meltdowns

Last night, I had a meltdown over the Pupinia Stewart Videos. I do not want to go into that disgrace for a human being again, but the meltdown was bad. One downside to meltdowns as an adult is that they are physically draining. As a child or younger years, you can recover really quickly but the older you get the harder it gets to get over them. They have a physical impact on your body because you are expelling so much energy your body takes the brunt of it. People say that it is hard to watch a meltdown. I can assure you that it is harder for people who are having the meltdown. So, today, I am feeling very drained. I feel very sleepy and don’t really want to do anything. This is not fun especially as yesterday I had a lot of energy. I hate that I have meltdowns. I REALLY HATE MELTDOWNS! My key ask to all neurotypical people out there that do not know someone with autism, please do not tell an autistic person that “It’s harder for me to watch you having a meltdown.” I can guar