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Smile Squad Review

Smile Squad - Review I have been watching Smile Squad for over a year now and am going to review this. Smile Squad Skits These skits are amazing. They are run by Markian, Kurt, and Sam. The skits can be on anything from "what's it like to have a Japenese Boyfriend" or "What's it like to have a friend from Florida". When Covid-19 hit they also did some skits on lockdown as well. The skits are very light-hearted and very funny. Even when they do a skit around a serious issue it is done tastefully. It really helps to lighten the mood. Smile Squad Interviews I have seen some videos from Smile Squad where they have interacted with people from different backgrounds to see what life is like for them. These interviews have included with a Drag Queen, someone with a disability, someone with a stammer. These videos are very informative and done in an amazing way to bring important messages out. I, in fact was encouraged to have a conversation with my line manager when