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Autism Mind Blow

 A couple of days ago I wrote a blog post, which was two parts, thanking celebrities for their roles in my life. Being diagnosed as autistic at the age of 31 is hard. I didn’t get the support that other people with autism get and coming from a low-income family and no friends the only thing I had going in my life was television. Books were not my friend as I was also undiagnosed dyslexic and struggled with reading dramatically. I learned from television so, what you would consider well-known concepts I had to learn from television. Therefore, I decided to write the post because I really do not think celebrities know how much they can impact someone like myself. Even today I watch shows and learn from them, whilst I do have friends now, television has become a big part of my life.   So, as an adult, the thing that I am learning from shows is acceptance of who I am. So, when I posted the first blog, I tagged the celebrities I mentioned in it on Twitter. I was not expecting any form