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Autism Independence Day

  It has been 3 years since I got my autism diagnosis. 3 years of freedom. You may think it weird that I call it 3 years of freedom, but my diagnosis was freedom. It is my Independence Day. 1 February 2018 was my July 4 th . Again, you may not get it so let me explain it. Pre 2018 I knew that I was different. I did not know why I was different and sometimes the differences got me into a hell of a lot of trouble. I did not understand, and I kept a lot of myself to myself as when I let it out, I often got negative feedback from others, so I would lock it away. Ask my family, my activities outside of work would be to sit in my room and only come out when I needed a smoke, the bathroom or something else. Other than that, I would just sit in my room. I can honestly say people didn’t really get to know me until I got my diagnosis because I did not feel comfortable. Even my ex did not really know me that well because he would get annoyed with my “crazy” behavior. I am now able to embrac