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What Autism is like for me

People who do not understand autism really frustrate me. They don't understand autism, yet when you try to explain it to them, they dont want to listen either. It is really important to say that autism affects people differently. The likelihood of finding two people who are affected the exact same way is negligable. So I am going to tell you how it affects me. I am going to tell you how it affects both externally and internally. SOCIALLY (People I know): When I meet with people I know, I am usually ok enough. I feel comfortable with them and I can talk to them. They know me and they know who I am as a person. They know that if I say something the wrong way that may be taken offensively then it is not on purpose and are more than happy to help me self correct. SOCIALLY (New People): In work I do force myself to go out of my comfort zone as, I want to be happy in my career a

Anger at protesters

I really need to vent here. I have seen many people protesting the possibility of a second lock down. But, these morons do not social distance and many do not even wear a face mask. I would also like to say, I completely accept that there are people who can't wear a mask but if you look at all the people who did not have a mask on I can not imagine that many people who were exempt would protest in large crowds. Just because the government eased restrictions it does not mean the pandemic is over. Until we have a treatment this bug is going to spike if we start becoming complacent with social distancing and masks. You have the right to protest but when your protesting lockdown why the hell would you allow your protest to become an infection breeding ground. If you do things to cause the breeding grounds to spike the number of infections you are bloody making a lockdown a full blown conclusion. You are being seriously stupid and selfish.

The big D

You may be wondering what the big D is. Well the big D is discrimination. We had a conversation at work around the big D focussing on Race. I didnt have the mental fortitude to write this blog yesterday but today it is something I feel I must share. During this conversation with my colleagues I started hurting. My black colleagues were opening up about the pain they felt when they faced racism and it really just brought it back to me the discrimination I felt over my disabilities and starting to express my own gender identity. Their pain I had felt, for other reasons, but the pain is still there. So this post is not going to be about one particular form of descrimination. I am going to talk about my experiences and what I feel about discrimination as a whole I will start with the most recent. Through conversations with others I finally came to understand my gender identity. I am gender fluid. I was born with a womans body but I do not alw

Ignorance is running rampant

I came back to my flat on Wednesday and I have to say I am feeling really angry that ignorance is running wild. I am Gender Fluid. I feel comfortable more when I shave my hair and let it grow back. The reason for this is because girls can have short hair and obviously men do to. When it grows it is good for winter as it can keep my head warm and when it is long enough I can do fun things like pig tails, pony tails, braid and it can be fun. Again, in the heat it is again a benefit. When I was on the train, someone came on the train in the carrige behind me and walked through mine. He said to his companion "look at this freak, shaved head and boob tube on". I could not believe it. I chose not to react but when someone is making comments about my appearence without knowing me that to me is rampant ignorance. This wound me up even more because the person who did not pay attention to the face mask on the train. He spent the whole ride without it and only

Autism & Ignorance

I get really frustrated with ignorance. When I tell people I am a high functioning Autistic person I either face people who dont understand but what to learn or sheer ignorance. The ignorance is where I get frustrated. I, for example, get people who hear the word autism and start immediately dumming things down for me. Autism does not make me dumb. You do not need to use words of one sylable with me. Autism just means that I process things in a different way. The other thing I get is people saying "you cant be autistic you can talk". This is really offensive to me. There is a reason why its called HIGH FUNCTIONING AUTISM. The people who are autistic that need loads of help are low functioning. Not everyone with Autism is the same. There is a saying "once you have met one person with autism, you have met one person with autism." This saying means that that one person's autism will most likely be different from the next person you meet with autism. Anoth