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Financial difficulties and COVID-19

  I wanted to write about financial difficulties and COVID-19.   There have been a number of people who have been affected financially by COVID-19. Those who live alone and been affected could have dramatically been impacted. Others have one or all family members losing their job because of closures of businesses or health issues.   My situation is that pre covid my cost of living was decreased because when I had to work in London I would stay with my parents. I would book my travel at off-peak times and only have to cover transport to the office and back to my parents. My mum would drive me to and from the train station. Because of this, my cost of living was lower as my parents covered food etc. COVID-19 meant that I had to stay in Kent and having to spend more money on living. I then got screwed by a supermarket. There was a screw up on the website and they would not refund me money for not getting my food. This then put me behind on bills which then cost me a lot of sanity.