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Hi all, Once my Adsense account has been set up I will be using my blog to advertise in the hopes that I will be able to make some more cash.  I doubt it will be set up before I get to Christmas but right now I am seriously struggling so if you would like anything advertised through Adsense please let me know. If you would like me to just do a blog post advertising something and not use AdSense it will be a one-off payment of £25.00. If you would like this then please email me at  Also offering any company/organization a review option. If you would like me to review a product for my blog I will gladly do so. If you would like to have your product reviewed it will only cost you £50.00 for the review and obviously, the product needs to come to me as well. This can be a product or an online game as well as a website. Please email me if you would like to set up a review. The email would be Thanks