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Embracing technology and going too far

Technology is a great tool! It is great when the people whelding it use it with the right things in mind. When I say this I mean thinking that not all of your audience is going to be the same. This year the Civil Service conference has been condensed into one session instead of multiple sessions across the country. This is good and bad. 1) Good a) More people could attend at once b) People providing presentations are not worn out by the time they reach the end of July c) Much more interaction can be had 2) Bad a) Tech can be over used b) Sessions are too short, breaks between sessions are too short This, unfortunately was true for Civil Service Live. I am amazed to see how they brought it together. For me however, the downside was the introductory video before each session. There were so many colours, flashing images, loud noises etc. I honestly felt that I was verging on an autism meltdown. As such I ch