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My Dreams

I was asked today about dreams and what dreams I have. Funnily enough, the person who asked me this question also added “I’m sure being disabled you don’t have any”. So, to prove them wrong, here are my dreams. Dream 1: get a fully paid for college experience in an American University. I always wanted to study Criminal Psychology and have a degree in it. I have been in love with the USA since I was a small child and it was something I always wanted but being undiagnosed autistic and undiagnosed dyslexic, I never had a chance in school. I also came from a poor family so would never be able to afford it. I would want the full experience, albeit living off of campus due to my disabilities. I do not think I would be able to share a dorm, especially with the meds that I take for them. I know at 34 that is never going to happen but if I had a rich sponsor who gave me life changing money and a university agreed to take me on, I would be in HEAVEN! I would even register to do

Never let you or others stop your dreams

After watching one of Dhar Manns videos tonight it reminded me if something important. That important thing was that we should never let ourselves or others get in the way of our dreams. Let me tell you a story. As a child, even though I was undiagnosed dyslexic and autistic I was pretty good at acting and I loved to dance. I even managed to get myself into an agency. I auditioned and it worked, they toom me on. But I had hang ups. I never thought I would be successful because of my looks and because I did badly in school. I had difficulty learning lines so it made me subconscious.  I went to weekend drama school and I would shy away from parts  because I struggled with reading. Eventually the agency stopped sending me to auditions and I gave up. I thought there would be no place in the acting community for me. Later when I was diagnosed as dyslexic I realised why I had problems but it was too late then. I knew it was just never going to.happen for me and that was that. People still to