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Thank You For Your Service

Thank you for your service is something I live by. There are men and women who sacrifice their lives for our freedom. When I see people, who do not appreciate the sacrifices they make I get really upset. I wanted to share this with you. I watched a Dhar Mann video, Son Refuses to Honour Military Dad. , and it really affected me. I think because of the autism I get emotional quickly but this video just had me in tears. My first job was running shops and bars for the Armed Forces. This is a great job if you move around or the regiments that are there move around. I was on one barracks for 2+ years. I stayed put and so did the regiment as well. This is great for making friends but not so good when people are killed in action. In 2007, 6 people I knew from the barracks was killed in action within months of each other. I was devastated. This really brought home what people give up when they sacrifice their lives. I knew the girlfriends, wiv

Body Image

Today I want to talk about Body Image. This is something I have battled with my entire life. When I watched a Dhar Mann video with a message of “you can’t heal if you don’t reveal” I decided to share my body image story. I have never really felt like I had a good body image of myself. When I was a teenager, I was only a size 12 and weighed 12 stone. To understand how much I weighed 12 stone is equal to 76Kg or 168lbs. I saw people wearing size 10 and having completely flat stomachs and I hated it. I wanted to be like them, but I could never get that way. Then throw in the fact I stopped growing at 5ft3 (160cm) I was disgusted with the way I looked. Later in life, when I was diagnosed with depression, I started gaining weight. The more disabled I became the bigger I got. Medications kept affecting my appetite and honestly, I found that I hated the way I look. My breasts are too big, and my stomach is almost double the size of when I was a teenager.

Dear Dhar Mann

Before I went to bed tonight, I was watching some of your videos. Because of this, I knew I had to write this. When something gets into my head, I can’t do anything else until I get it out. I know you will probably never read this and even if you do, you probably get 1,000,000 or more letters like this, so a response is negligible. So, I am under no illusion that I will get a response which is also why I am writing it on my blog. For me, your videos have been a lifesaver. To use your words “you see”. I grew up in a family where abuse ran wild. Some people call how I feel “Middle Child Syndrome”, I call it surviving abuse. My family’s mantra was “don’t trust what she says” or “what can we blame her for”. So, I didn’t have the best family life, and still don’t. Between the abuse I suffered and the undiagnosed autism I found myself in situations as an adult that I was ill-equipped to handle. This further put a wrench in any relationship with my family. I was told in my late 20s my

What does "So you see" mean to me

Dhar Man has come out with merchandise with the slogan "So You See" out which is amazing. If you do not know "so you see" is used a lot in his videos to explain the situation that comes about. It usually has a positive ending to the message after a trial or tribulation. For his launch he was asking "What does So You See mean to you". For me, So You See, means a lot to me. I can use it to explain a lot of myself. I was diagnosed with many conditions which has led me to struggle through my life. Some of this comes from being born in the wrong decade where medical conditions that I had were not attributed to females.  I have to deal with two mental health conditions and physical disabilities. I deal with autism and dyslexia and asthma. I really struggle a lot in my life. I struggle with work, personal life and many more. My self image is completely shot most of the time wondering "when will my Vin come into my life".  But I would not change any of t

What do I bring to the table.

 I just watched a Dhar Mann Video today that has really made me think, especially in the light of a recent event that happened to me. The video was about a husband and a wife. The husband was really angry that his wife only made him a cake for his birthday and listed all the financial resources he put into everything including rent, food, electricity, and cleaning supplies. The wife, obviously upset lists everything she does and it makes him realize that whilst he does contribute financially his wife's contributions are equally as important. Recently I had a message from someone who asked me to drop everything and come to London to attend a party they were throwing and I said no. I explained that as someone who was shielding I have to be really careful what I choose to do outside of the flat, and I could not justify that risk. The message I got back was that I am never there for them and they do everything. I decided to block this person after they chose to block me as well. But in

Why I watch Dhar Mann

Hi all So today, I want to talk to you about the social media influencer Dhar Mann.  If you read about his history you will know that he is an entrepreneur who started his first business at 19. He decided to branch out into motivational videos. When he started that he was on the verge of giving up until one video went viral and it took off from there.   So I have been watching his videos for a couple of years now. You may think that it makes me geeky or a fangirl but it really has helped me. Some of the videos that I really found supporting are:  COVID-19 Rips people off when a stranger teaches him a less.   Boss Harasses assistant and what happens next will shock you  A lady cant afford groceries and a stranger changes her life forever

The big D

You may be wondering what the big D is. Well the big D is discrimination. We had a conversation at work around the big D focussing on Race. I didnt have the mental fortitude to write this blog yesterday but today it is something I feel I must share. During this conversation with my colleagues I started hurting. My black colleagues were opening up about the pain they felt when they faced racism and it really just brought it back to me the discrimination I felt over my disabilities and starting to express my own gender identity. Their pain I had felt, for other reasons, but the pain is still there. So this post is not going to be about one particular form of descrimination. I am going to talk about my experiences and what I feel about discrimination as a whole I will start with the most recent. Through conversations with others I finally came to understand my gender identity. I am gender fluid. I was born with a womans body but I do not alw

Never let you or others stop your dreams

After watching one of Dhar Manns videos tonight it reminded me if something important. That important thing was that we should never let ourselves or others get in the way of our dreams. Let me tell you a story. As a child, even though I was undiagnosed dyslexic and autistic I was pretty good at acting and I loved to dance. I even managed to get myself into an agency. I auditioned and it worked, they toom me on. But I had hang ups. I never thought I would be successful because of my looks and because I did badly in school. I had difficulty learning lines so it made me subconscious.  I went to weekend drama school and I would shy away from parts  because I struggled with reading. Eventually the agency stopped sending me to auditions and I gave up. I thought there would be no place in the acting community for me. Later when I was diagnosed as dyslexic I realised why I had problems but it was too late then. I knew it was just never going to.happen for me and that was that. People still to