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Beauty and the Beast

  No this is not a post about the Disney movies or the cartoon. I want to talk about beauty and the beast. Women, no matter their look always feel like they’re the “beast”. That is if they are not the “bombshell beauty” that society says is the best. Me – at best I consider myself average. I am no Amanda Tapping! I also know that there is this view that all women want the male “bombshell beauties”. Not the case. Well, not the case for me. For me what is attractive is variable. If you stuck all my ex’s in a line you would find it hard to pick out the common denominator amongst them, except that they're all men. Don’t take my word for it, see the picture below. I have pulled together pictures of various different celebrities that I have had a crush on and fancied in my lifetime. I would ask that you find 5 things that link them other than the fact that they’re men and celebrities. You need to find 5 things that link them ALL.   Did you find anything that linked them all?

Letter to Men

Dear Men I would like to ask you that if you are going to use a dating app, think about the picture you are putting up. I started using Facebook dating to see what it is like and honestly, I could not of imagined how many men think the "serial killer" look is attractive. I am sorry it is not. If I see a picture that makes me think of Anthony Hopkins saying "fava beans and chianti" I am going to scroll past you. Top tips for taking pictures: 1) Don't do the Blair Witch look - honestly not attractive to see what is up your nose! 2) Level photos again do not look good. 3) High angle photos get the best look on you.  Please can all men promise me that they will stop the serial killer look. Unless you are Ted Bundy, The Yorkshire Ripper, or others of the same ilk there is no such thing as Serial Killer Chic. If you see the range of guys I liked you will know I honestly do not care about looks although, if I get the serial killer look then I am going right past you! I

Love - Do Autistic, disabled, abuse survivors get to have it?

I have often wondered about love. I was raised up to believe that Marriage would make the world a brighter and shineier place to be. If you grew up in the house I did you would also know that this is an ilogical concept. My parents did what most parents of their generation did when the relationship ended, they stayed together for the kids and that was always probably the worst thing in the world they could do. You grew up knowing they basically hated each other and that they were unfaithful to each other but there was nothing you could do. I thought I would have been better off if they broke up. So to say that my education about love was tainted would be an understatement. Factor in the fact I was undiagnosed autistic then you have yourself a cocktail for disaster. My dating life was marred by what I was used to. I was drawn to people who were abusive and those did not end well. Because I had no social support when it came to the opposit sex I also found myself ge