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British Heart Foundation - Furniture Store Chatham - Review

Today, I used the British Heart Foundation furniture store for the first time. I broke my bed and had to get a replacement as I am struggling with sleeping on a mattress on the floor. So I decided to let you know what I felt of the experience. Location The location of the store is very good. The idea of having it in a shopping center instead of on the street is an amazing idea. You are definitely able to get more footfall then what you could have on the street. Staff The staff was amazing. When I went into the store they were friendly and helpful. It is amazing to see that despite the pandemic people are still able to give up a professional feel and a loving one as well. I can not fault the staff at all.  Product Knowledge The staff were very knowledgeable about what they had and were very good at making sure the customers get the right thing. I asked about beds and mattresses and was informed "the mattresses are all brand new so would be charged separately". It is fantastic