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Should we troll the trolls?

COVID-19 Trolls are terrible. I have seen some seriously nasty people out there during this pandemic. People who want to judge you for doing what is right for you. It is something that really winds me up. This has started to happen to me on my Thank You twitter account and it really REALLY pisses me off People do not know what I have been through during this pandemic and how I got through having COVID. How dare people judge me for getting tested or for anything else that I want to do for my family. I honestly feel like creating a blast list of all trolls so that everyone on Twitter knows who the trolls are. What do you think, maybe we start trolling the trolls? If you agree to a Blast list for the trolls, let me know. Stay safe and well out there!

Physical Disability - The Truth

Today I am going to write about being physically disabled. Unfortunately, you can’t see my physical disability. It is, however, something that really affects me. I have Kyphosis of the cervical spine, an extra disc in my lumbar spine, and degeneration of the facet joints. I also have hypermobility in my knees and ankles. This causes me a lot of pain on a daily basis. I have crutches for when my knees and ankles are hurting too much. Since having COVID last year I have been dealing with a lot of pain in my knees and ankles again. Unless you see me on crutches you don’t get to see that I have a disability. Because of my spine, I have to carry a stool with me everywhere I go. This is so that I can sit down when I get too much pain. This can be something embarrassing as if it is raining, I need to put it into a different bag as I can't carry it on my shoulder. It can get me some weird looks when I have to put my stool up in a shop or outside the shop. It is really difficult for me

Sick of getting sick

I am so sick of getting sick. Since I had COVID19 last year I am more prone to getting sick. Since I had COVID I have had 8 courses of Anti-biotics and 8 courses of steroids. My asthma inhalers have increased from being on Ventolin as and when needed, to being on Montelukast and Fostair. Every time I get a cough the first things that the GPs ask/say “Have you gone outside?” and “you need to get a COVID test to rule it out”. If you haven’t had a chance to have a COVID test, they are not pleasant. You have to take a swab and stick it at the back of your throat and spin it 10 times. This can make you gag and if you are already unwell that can cause problems. You then take the same swab and stick it up your nose until you reach resistance. Once you have done that you spin the swab yet again. This is not pleasant and to be honest, can lead to excessive sneezing. At least it is not the other way round. I would definitely flat out refuse to stick a swab up my nose and then put it in my mo

Anti Lockdown Protests - Morons Incorporated

I am getting exceedingly sick and tired of the Anti Lockdown protests.  Honestly, how can these people think what they are doing is going to help? I believe in free speech and, I believe in the right to protest, but in the midst of a pandemic, responsibility is called for. In the midst of a pandemic where thousands of people have lost their lives, and many people have had to face isolation for months on end, reasonableness should not be sacrificed. You may not like lockdowns, but who are you to put lives on the line? The pictures I saw of people who were not socially distancing, not wearing a mask, and being downright moronic scares me. I have had to shield off my own back since March 2020 which has been difficult as I have had no support from the government. I have sacrificed seeing my family and my friends for the greater good. You morons in the Anti-Lockdown movement jeopardize all of the sacrifices myself, and people like me have made over the last year.  How dare you! You wa

Are we going back to normality?

I know there is much talk about when we can go back to normal now that Boris has set out his road map. I am going to say that I will be cautiously optimistic about this. We had false hope at the end of the 1 st lockdown and we were again landed into the 2 nd lockdown. So, I am going to say I am cautiously optimistic. However, let's talk about the reality for those who are shielding and going back to “normality”. I have been shielding now since March 2020, and I have sustained muscle weakness. This rears its ugly head when I am trying to push myself to do extra steps the next day I am sore as hell. This would be 4000 steps and I hurt like hell. I am also autistic. I have been alone since March 2020 and I am uber concerned about my interactions back in the workplace. Honestly, I want to make sure that I am ok enough not to be running around hugging everyone. So for me, I am going to have to take the following steps that I will need to take to make sure that I am ok with being i

What will the new normal be?

Now we have had a pandemic the question I have to ask what will the new normal be? My normal for the last year has been anything that is confined in my flat. I have not seen much of the outside world. When this pandemic is over everything is going to change and I think it is going to change quickly. I do not want to see the world getting into a scary place where everyone is wearing face masks after the pandemic. Will kids be more scared to interact together? Will adults refrain from physical contact? What I would like to see personally would-be offices be less focused on location of work. I think it is hilarious that in 2020 we were still being forced to work in a building when we do not have to. I would like to see more kindness in the world and that the kindness that we have seen over the last year continues. I know for me, my new normal will include going outside at least once a day even walking up and down my street a couple of times. I will locate somewhere that I can work at leas

Financial difficulties and COVID-19

  I wanted to write about financial difficulties and COVID-19.   There have been a number of people who have been affected financially by COVID-19. Those who live alone and been affected could have dramatically been impacted. Others have one or all family members losing their job because of closures of businesses or health issues.   My situation is that pre covid my cost of living was decreased because when I had to work in London I would stay with my parents. I would book my travel at off-peak times and only have to cover transport to the office and back to my parents. My mum would drive me to and from the train station. Because of this, my cost of living was lower as my parents covered food etc. COVID-19 meant that I had to stay in Kent and having to spend more money on living. I then got screwed by a supermarket. There was a screw up on the website and they would not refund me money for not getting my food. This then put me behind on bills which then cost me a lot of sanity.

EU and AstraZeneca Arguement

I am so very angry and horrified to see what has been transpiring in the EU over the supply issues with AstraZeneca.    The UK signed our deal with them to supply the vaccine in December and the EU only did so on Friday. The company has had issues with its factories in Europe and instead of working with the company the EU decide to come after the supplies in the UK. When the UK did not want to give up its supplies the EU decided to try and threaten the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland border.   I am glad to see this seems to be resolved but I am so disgusted at the behavior of the EU and especially Ursula Von Der Leyen. It is because of behavior like this, that has been seen over the vaccine that made Brexit possible. Whilst Brexit did not come about during a pandemic there were questionable things that came out of the EU. People saw the EU behave like this and thought, "do you really want these people running things?".   We are amid a GLOBAL PANDEMIC peop

COVID-19 Vaccine

  I would like to write this post to those people who are considering whether you should have the covid vaccine. I am not writing this post to argue for or against vaccinations. I firmly believe in the right to choose if you have a vaccine or not, however, I only accept well thought out arguments. If you come to me and say, “I don't believe in vaccines, they will give my child autism!” then I will not be listening to what you say because this is junk science. If, however, you come to me with a well thought out argument to why you will not have a vaccine I will listen. I may not agree with you, but I will respect your right to choose.   It is really important that during this pandemic everyone thinks about whether or not they will get the covid vaccine. At the beginning of this pandemic, I came down with covid symptoms. I had shortness of breath, my temperature was 37.8, I was coughing so much I was giving myself daily migraines, and to be honest, I was scared to death to even g

A Good Landlord

A good landlord is worth their weight in gold.  I want to write this because I have an amazing landlord. I know there is a lot of badness around private rented landlords which I was very worried about when I first moved on my own. Honestly, it scared me. "What if my landlord is dodgy?" "What if they hate me?" I was a mess. However, I have lucked into amazing landlords.  My landlords have helped me out so much. They are always kind to me. I have been ill for a few weeks now and my flat has gotten on top of me. Instead of chastising me, they say "you live alone and have been sick for ages no wonder it got on top of you".  They have been looking at other ways to help me and keep me safe and going. even to the point knowing I have been ill keeping their masks on all the time. Not because I make them but because they want to keep me safe. They know how sick I have been and they don't want to risk me getting sick again. Good landlords are worth their weight

Dear Doctors, Nurses, Paramedics and other Health Care Professionals

I know you have been struggling. This pandemic has tested your resolve in ways you never thought that it would. You are worn out. You miss your families and still have to deal with the angry relatives who cant see theirs. I bet you have been yelled at, cursed at, and even had to deal with people being violent. You have had to see so much death that you wonder whether you will ever look at death in the same way again. I know you feel that no one cares. You feel that despite still being in the same situation as we were last year the clapping has stopped and you think that if you ended up on a COVID ward as a patient no one would care. Here is the thing though. I CARE. You medical heroes are the reason why this pandemic has not killed more. Your brave resilience is the reason people like myself can still access physio, get our medications and keep as healthy as we can. It is because of people like you who are able to help still the vulnerable get up off the floor when they have fallen. Yo


If you are choosing to not follow restrictions in place to protect people from the pandemic. It is important that you have to stay home. If you are breaching the rules then you are being mean and nasty. You are putting people at risk and that you are being selfish. It is not for people to break the rules. I don't care if you think that this pandemic is a hoax you legally have been asked to stay at home. If you are choosing to not do this you are just being absolutely selfish. I was starting to have hope seeing the figures were going down and I got the figures today and it is increasing again.  I have been stuck at home since March and this is going to continue. I am not happy about this but all I can do is implore you to be sensible and protect yourself, your family, and everyone else. How, do you think, lockdowns are going to be eased if the figures are not in the hundreds a day but the thousands.  Stay safe, stay at home and let's get to the end line.

Promise for the year

2020 was a seriously bad year for all of us. COVID-19 terrorized all of us and it is not going away yet. Yes, we have vaccines out there but until we are all vaccinated we still have the risk of infection.  So, New Years has a different meaning this year. In previous years we set up New Year resolutions for the next year and try and complete them. It almost seems pointless this year. Instead of resolutions, I decided I will make promises from what I have learned through the pandemic. So here are my promises; I promise: 1)    To continue to put my own wellbeing first and only do extra things if I am well enough to do so and not let myself get run down. 2)     To work on me physically, mentally, and educationally so that I can better myself and learn more. 3)     To let those who are important to me know how much they mean to me and never let them be alone. 4)     To be the best piggie mummy that ever lived. 5)     To make the best use of the isolation and when I can go back outside to n

Kindness has not been forgotten

Despite it being a tough year the world has not forgotten kindness. This has made me smile.  In the South East of England, we have gone into Tier 4 which is a "stay at home" tier. It means a lot of people are going to be alone for Christmas.  However, what I have seen since we have been in tier 4 has brought tears to my eyes. I have seen a woman offer to make Christmas dinners and bring them to people living alone. I have seen women who have said they will give you money to get your gifts to your kids. My landlord has given me a Christmas present. Companies I have seen are helping people in debt.  Organizations who are just sitting and talking to people on their own. Honestly, kindness has not evaporated with the usefulness of the year. This has been a year of hell. Some of this has been brought on ourselves through the way we treat the planet. It has also gone on because of how we treat each other and the way in which we think we are owed something. Kindness is something we

Thank You to Television

I want to say thank you to the following shows; 1) NCIS New Orleans 2) FBI Most Wanted 3) FBI The reason for this is because these shows have really paid homage to the current situation we all find ourselves in. I want to especially thank NCIS New Orleans for showing what life has really been like for first responders. They did a two episode premiere with this season which covered the normal criminal cases but also, what it has been like for ships who get infections, coroners and medical professionals, local law enforcement, local businesses, schools, kids and teenagers, and more. This is important because you know what, what happened in New Orleans has happened across the globe so an episode that showed the pain and stress that all these people have been facing has been really amazing to see. It also shows the amazing spirit of compassion that has flourished as a result of COVID-19. One particular part of the episode was Dwayne Prides half brother used his influence and the True Tone


 Dear England, I am seriously getting frustrated with you. I am verging on being officially a shielder again and seeing that Boris is looking at a 2nd lockdown I am just fed up. I am not fed up with protecting myself, I am not fed up with working from home. I am fed up with the Bull Shit that has been going on. Leadership in this pandemic Let's start with the biggest thing I am annoyed with. Dominic Cummings broke lockdown restrictions during the first lockdown. He and his wife tested positive and drove from London to Durham with their kids. COVID can come up really suddenly so they could have caused an accident and with the fact that this virus can be spread in the air, they could have infected many people. I can't imagine that they drove without making a pit stop for the child for food, toilet, or gas. He then went onto say "I had problems with my eyesight so I took my wife and child for a drive to Barnard Castle". Now if that is the case then he is a neglectful fat

The hardest thing

The hardest thing for people in shielding is the loneliness and feeling like a second class citizen. There are so many people out there who think that people who are high risk should stay indoors and stay away from the public so that everyone else can get back to normal. This is the worst thing to see in the street, online and in the media. I work, I pay taxes and I volunteer so why should I basically be in prison because people don't want to do things like wear a face mask. I have committed no crime, I have have broken no law and yet people expect me to stay indoors 24 hours a day 7 days a week. I am not a second class citizen. How about this, if people really think this is the way to go, build the clinically vulnerable and the extremely clinically vulnerable housing ( a gated community where everyone has a garden) and all shielders move there. Gas, Electric, Council tax and internet gets paid by the government and supermarkets create a system where deliveries in the morning go to

Shielding Support

This COVID-19 Pandemic has been hard.  It has been doubly hard on those who have to shield and reduce their movement outside. When you have to restrict yourself to the home it can have a dramatic effect on your well-being and mobility. Your mental well-being is affected too. When you are alone and unable to have contact with the outside world it is hard. No one will really know how hard it is until they have had to go through it. Being autistic it was hard to change my routine at the drop of a hat to fit in with shielding but I had to. I had COVID symptoms really badly and I was told to shield. SO I did.  This time round I want to rally the shielders and the activity restricters. We need to come together to support each other when we have to go back inside. I have started a Facebook group. The group is here  Support Group . This group is for those who have to stay inside during this lock down whether it is as a shielder or as to restrict your activities outside then join the group and

Personal Responsibility

I have been told I am heartless and that I am only calling for personal responsibility because Donald J Trump supposidly had COVID-19 and that I apparently hate him. This is not true. I have been calling for people to take responsibility for their actions with respect of COVID19 since I had symptoms back in March April Time. So for point one, I do not hate Donald J Trump. In fact at the beginning I believed that whilst some of his wording was ridiculous but I thought he had the making of some decent policies. Unfortunately the longer his presidency went on, I saw him for what he was a racists. I do not hate him though. In a free country we are free to believe in anything that we want to believe in. However, those who live and work in the public light should hide thei worse traits and not allow them to impact their work. I do not hate him. I do not even dislike him. I do not feel anything for the man except for maybe pity. In terms

Support Each Other

We are still in a wave of this pandemic where the numbers can surge at any moment. When you let yourself relax on social distancing and facemasks, the numbers increase. So, what exactly is important? What is important is that we do not loose our Humanity. It is easy to say, "Oh no, there is a pandemic and I will clear the shelves and take care of me" but what about those who still have to attend their work places. Those who can not be furloughed but, because you have taken all the food they can not eat. During this pandemic we need to SUPPORT EACH OTHER! and I can not stress that enough. Here are some steps that you can do to support people around you during this crisis: Stick to your normal shopping habits. DO NOT PANIC SHOP! If you have the space, bulk buy from places like Amazon or Costco. Aside from the fact this will be cheaper for you, it leaves essential supplies for those