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Dear DWP and ATOS

 Dear DWP and ATOS   I am writing this letter to tell you the following before I have my assessment for my PIP benefits. If you make me go back to court again to appeal the decisions, you make about me over the telephone then I will be going to the media.   I was originally awarded PIP 2016 and did what I was supposed to when I noticed my condition was getting worse. I reported it, more fool me. I had my assessment of my claim my condition had gotten worse and DWP decided to cancel my benefit. Not say “well we don’t see the worsening so we will keep you on the rate you are” but you stopped it. You made the decision 2 days before my August payment and did not tell me as you send everything by 2 nd class mail.   I then spent 10 months getting stressed waiting for my court date.   You made me sit in a court explaining that I had to use front-facing bra’s and slip-on shoes. I had to push my chair back to show the adjustments and sit there in my chair saying “shoe goes off,

Its about Ability Not Disability

I have heard so many people out there who have either said "disabled people are a drain on our society" or from the disabled community in frustration to negative stereotypes just say "who the hell cares". We get lumped into this label of being disabled and people would like to forget that we exist without any further follow-up on what that label really means to the person who wears it. Do you wear your "disabled" label with Pride or Shame? I regularly end up wearing it with shame. When I get laughed at for answering a question literally. An example of this was when I had to appeal to my benefits. This is what happened: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Judge: "What would you do if you needed to go out for milk?" Me: "I wouldn't go out" Judge: "Why?" Me: " Well because I don't drink milk so I wouldn't go out to buy it" Judge: (sniggers) "Miss Fricker, you kn