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Abled body people don't get it

Abled bodied people do not know how lucky they are at times. It can be really and truely frustrating to see. They do not have to worry about, "is this the day that I will not be able to walk a as far as I can" or "Is this the day that I will start having falls again?" They just get to go up and do what ever the hell they want. Abled bodied people then say "oh I cant imagine". The answer when I hear this is "no you bloody cant". I am not saying that it is a then and us situation however, I think it is important to say that you really do not know what we go through. Because you hopefully will never have to go through what we go through it does not mean you can sympathise with us either, and it is insulting to say that you do. What makes it even worse is when abled bodied people then pass judgement on you because you are not abled bodied. This happens a lot more than you think. I am not saying every abled bodied person behaves like th

Its about Ability Not Disability

I have heard so many people out there who have either said "disabled people are a drain on our society" or from the disabled community in frustration to negative stereotypes just say "who the hell cares". We get lumped into this label of being disabled and people would like to forget that we exist without any further follow-up on what that label really means to the person who wears it. Do you wear your "disabled" label with Pride or Shame? I regularly end up wearing it with shame. When I get laughed at for answering a question literally. An example of this was when I had to appeal to my benefits. This is what happened: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Judge: "What would you do if you needed to go out for milk?" Me: "I wouldn't go out" Judge: "Why?" Me: " Well because I don't drink milk so I wouldn't go out to buy it" Judge: (sniggers) "Miss Fricker, you kn