Troll Blast

I decided that I am going to create a list of Troll Screen names from Twitter who should be ashamed of what they do on Social Media.

    @Knightlore000 - Whilst calling out scammers is one thing - This person accused me of being a scammer for trying to get support through crowd funding. This person did know speak to me or anything and put an innocent person on blast which illecited negative comments.
    @Sarah_a_u - jumped on Knightlores band wagon and used some seriously bad language calling me names for no reason.
    @DamianWendy1993 - jumped on my Thank You campaign attacking me for supporting the NHS testings Service.
    @KatrinaBrett2 - attacked me because I follow my doctors guidance because I had COVID and since then have struggled with my health since then. This person did not speak to me or ask me about my story, she just attacked.
    @AmanSaund91 is another troll from my twitter account. Please be wary of this person on Twitter
    @Conan_DAgostino This individual trolls for anyone who actually wants to get vaccinated and abuses people who want to be safe
    @IanM1871 Yet another anti-vaxer troll who is refusing to accept people what different opinions and is allowed to get vaccinated if they would like
    @DanielVicsik Another Twitter Troll to be aware of.
    @FionaStephens1 Abusive Twitter Troll especially for people who get vaccinated
    @MyMilPics Twitter Troll again. Does not repect peoples freedom to have their own opinions.

If you have been attacked by anyone on Social media please send me their screen names and they will be put on this list. Freedom of Speach is a important for everyone however, trolling and cyber bullying is not freedom of speech it is mean and it is something that should be tollerated.


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