Thank You For Your Service

Thank you for your service is something I live by. There are men and women who sacrifice their lives for our freedom. When I see people, who do not appreciate the sacrifices they make I get really upset.

I wanted to share this with you.

I watched a Dhar Mann video, Son Refuses to Honour Military Dad., and it really affected me. I think because of the autism I get emotional quickly but this video just had me in tears.

My first job was running shops and bars for the Armed Forces. This is a great job if you move around or the regiments that are there move around. I was on one barracks for 2+ years. I stayed put and so did the regiment as well. This is great for making friends but not so good when people are killed in action.

In 2007, 6 people I knew from the barracks was killed in action within months of each other. I was devastated. This really brought home what people give up when they sacrifice their lives. I knew the girlfriends, wives and kids. It broke my heart and I had no support but that is fine, I deal in my own way.

I also knew 2 US Marines when I was a teenager. DL and MM really made me smile and I am honoured to have known them. They are both still alive, but I honestly felt proud to know them.

Ways to support troops.

  1. If you find someone online who served in the armed forces say #ThankYouForYourService.

  2. If you want to volunteer with a charity supporting troops visit Soldiers Angels.

My final thought of this post is a message to those who serve in the forces. Thank You For Your Service! I appreciate you and for those who paid the ultimate price Thank You For Your Sacrifice! You will never ever be forgotten.


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