My Dreams

I was asked today about dreams and what dreams I have. Funnily enough, the person who asked me this question also added “I’m sure being disabled you don’t have any”.

So, to prove them wrong, here are my dreams.

Dream 1: get a fully paid for college experience in an American University. I always wanted to study Criminal Psychology and have a degree in it. I have been in love with the USA since I was a small child and it was something I always wanted but being undiagnosed autistic and undiagnosed dyslexic, I never had a chance in school. I also came from a poor family so would never be able to afford it. I would want the full experience, albeit living off of campus due to my disabilities. I do not think I would be able to share a dorm, especially with the meds that I take for them. I know at 34 that is never going to happen but if I had a rich sponsor who gave me life changing money and a university agreed to take me on, I would be in HEAVEN! I would even register to do school online so that I could get the SAT requirements. Maybe if I win millions on the lottery it can happen, because I would need to pay tuition, rent, food and pay for my meds. But a dream is a dream. I would also need Dream 3 to happen so I didn’t have to have a Visa which limited where I could work etc.

Dream 2: Have a school help me get the qualifications I needed to improve my base knowledge and grades. This includes GCSE Science, French, German, Italian, Psychology, Law and History. I would also want A level Italian, History, Psychology, English and IT. I would need a lot of learning support so that I would be able to be my best self instead of struggling like I did when I was in school.

Dream 3: Be able to get Dual Citizenship with the United States. I have always felt like I was born in the wrong country. I would not want to give up my British Citizenship, but I would want to have American Citizenship.

Dream 4: I would love to meet President Biden. I think he is Amazing and his message at his inauguration as well as his messaging around COVID has given me hope that America will be able to get back on track.

Dream 5: I would love to go round the States and say Thank You to all Police Departments, Fire Department, EMTs, and Military Establishments so I can thank them for their service personally. I would also promote the Charity Soldiers Angels.

Dream 6: If I won the lottery, I would buy land of my own and build a house. It would be a house suitable for someone with my disabilities. It would also have extra rooms. I would then apply to be a foster mum. I would want to look for siblings to foster so that they could stay together.

My Dreams are never going to happen. I am not a lucky person. I will probably never win the lottery. I will never have a millionaire/billionaire say “look at this person who was dealt such a rough hand in life, lets get her the life changing money so she can live a comfortable life”.

I know none of my dreams will ever come true. I am not that lucky. But I can still dream. No matter how hard my life gets, no matter how difficult I struggle financially, no one will ever be able to take my dreams away from me.

Remember that your dreams are yours. You should never be ashamed to dream and never let anyone tell you its stupid.


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