Disability is not an excuse

Being classed as disabled does not give you a pass on being an asswhole!

Being disabled does not give you a reason to be a mooch.

I am very qualified to say this because I am disabled. I have Autism, Asthma, Spinal Problems, Dyslexia, Depression and PTSD. Yet, despite the fact I deal with these issues I still work.

For those in the disabled community who can work with adjustments, but decide not to, then you are perpetuating the image that disabled people can't work. You are perpetuating the idea that we should never be able to work or be part of mainstream society.

Do not get me wrong, there are people in the disability community who legitimatly can't work and these people should be protected. For those who can work and choose not to then you are making things worse for those of us who do work.

I want to see more people embracing their disabilitys, whilst also showing people that we can still work as well.

The only way we will break the sterotype that disabled people can not do anything is by proving that we are just as good as those who are not disabled.


  1. Such an awaking and inspirational write-up it is! I felt so good while reading this. You are such an inspiration and blessing for your family and people around. You have actually boosted me to write more about this subject and let people know that disability or illness can never be an excuse. In case I write such article, I will definitely tag you. You are such a gem. The way you are trying to break the notion about disability is something that deserves a hats off. Keep shining like this.
    Love love love
    Sakshi here

  2. I know what it feels like to have people label me as useless because of my physical disability's, or my mental health etc. Because of this I fight for everything I have. I have a job I love. I am trying to get my benefits back to help me. And, despite all of the things that I struggle with, I still work. I still have a place to live that is mine. I want more people in the disability community to prove that all they need is support and they can work as well.


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