Thank You to Friends

Dear Courtney, Matt, David, Jennifer, Mathew and Lisa.

You probably wont get to read this, although I will tag you in the hopes that you do. I wanted to let you know how much you all meant to me growing up.

I was undiagnosed autistic and was only diagnosed at 31. I have also had a hard life.

Friends was the only thing that showed me friendship and love and adoration. When I was not able to make friends, and didnt have that support network like was on the show I would watch and feel so happy.

Later on in life, especially when I was diagnosed with depression and later PTSD, Friends always helps bring me out of my sadness. Infact when I was first diagnosed, I didnt know how I would survive a life of depression I would watch Friends and I realised that I had something to keep me going in the dark days.

Friends saves me every time. Without friends I would struggle when I had depressive episodes.

With my autism diagnosed now, I know many things now which helped me. Lisa, Phoebe showed me to acknowledge my more nuttier side. Courtney, Monica showed me that my penickity side is fine. Jennifer, Rachel showed me that you can change your life the way you wanted it. David, Ross showed me I can love my special interests its not bad. Matt and Matthew, Joey and Chandler showed me that you can have friends who are your family and, no matter what your family is like you can make your own.

You all meant a lot to me and still do. Whilst this pandemic has hit be hard financially and health wise I have friends on DVD so the laughter will stay with me unless, I have to sell them for cash.

I am not lucky enough to win big money, or have a high paying job where I am financially safe. I dont have big adventures but I am myself and will always love and be thankful to you all for giving me something to hold onto whilst things seem bad. I know I can always put on Friends and will have sunshine in my dark days.

Thank you so much.


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