Sick of getting sick

I am so sick of getting sick.

Since I had COVID19 last year I am more prone to getting sick. Since I had COVID I have had 8 courses of Anti-biotics and 8 courses of steroids. My asthma inhalers have increased from being on Ventolin as and when needed, to being on Montelukast and Fostair. Every time I get a cough the first things that the GPs ask/say “Have you gone outside?” and “you need to get a COVID test to rule it out”.

If you haven’t had a chance to have a COVID test, they are not pleasant. You have to take a swab and stick it at the back of your throat and spin it 10 times. This can make you gag and if you are already unwell that can cause problems. You then take the same swab and stick it up your nose until you reach resistance. Once you have done that you spin the swab yet again. This is not pleasant and to be honest, can lead to excessive sneezing. At least it is not the other way round. I would definitely flat out refuse to stick a swab up my nose and then put it in my mouth.

It now makes me feel really horrible. Every time I get a cough it is usually linked to when I have gone out. At this point, I am struggling with the thought of going out and getting sick or staying in. I do not want to become agoraphobic but at this point, I also do not want to get sick again. It is something that is really difficult and tricky. What exactly do I do?

My boss said to start getting lateral flow tests. This way I can monitor before I get sick and maybe take extra precautions. This sucks.


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