Only in the darkness can you see the stars

I am not responsible for the title of this post. This is a quote from Martin Luther King Junior.


I was at the Works today and found a notebook with this quote on and it made me think about the last year and a half. Honestly, we have been in the darkness a lot. This pandemic in one way or another has thrown everyone into the darkness.


We have people who have been hit with financial issues, like me. Other people have lost loved ones or have lost their jobs. Some people have been affected by COVID long term and others have been locked in their homes for extended periods.


I know I have been struggling mentally. I have had to shield myself because I find the government guidance around asthmatics wrong. I have been on my own and at times it has been really tough to handle. Some of the things which has seen me through however are; thinking about my nana. She was born and raised during WW2. She had bombs dropping on her, I can survive this; I have also had charities helping me out with various buddying schemes to help me feel less alone. I haven’t felt so alone having people to talk to. One of my buddies is also a history teacher and we are going to do a telephone book club. I have never been in a book club before so this will be a new experience.


I have seen the stars shining in the dark as well. I made a friend who I will call KA for her anonymity. She has been a really great friend. We started talking last year and she really does mean a lot to me. She helps me embrace my crazy whilst also grounding me at the same time. Then there is KS who I met through facebook when I was going through having COVID. She has been so amazing, when I needed help getting things she has done it for me and also been there to talk to when needed. There is also SH again someone who has helped me out when I have struggled.


Whilst this pandemic has brought on some serious darkness there are stars shining bright and hope for our future. That’s why, when I saw this notebook I really had to have it and do a blog around it. Martin Luther King Jnr really had it right.


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