Lake Margorie Crash

Two years ago my mum and I took and international trip. We went to Stresa, Lago Maggiorie, Italy.

It was an amazing trip and one key thing that we did was take cable cars and skie lifts up to the top of a mountain. It was BEAUTIFUL!

We were level with the alps, the snow was fresh and the air was so clean.

Which made me sad when my mum told me that the cable cars that we were subject to an accident. A cable car fell and crashed into the moutain, killing many.

This is so sad! Honestly just thinking that this could have happened to us when we rode the cable cars - I was a little shaken to say the least.

I would like to ask every one no matter your religion please pray for the following;

  1. Those who died;
  2. The families of those who died;
  3. The survivors;
  4. The people of Stresa and those who run the Cable Cars;

I know this is a long list but all of these people will be affected by the Crash.


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