June 29th Anniversary

June 29th is almost upon us.

This is a special day for me because on June 29th 2019 I moved into my very first flat. It was the first place I rented that was not attached to a school or work and I was really worried.

You may wonder why I was worried.

Well, I was worried because it was just over a year since I was finally diagnosed as autistic, and previous attempts at living alone never went well. In fact saying it didn’t go well is an understatement, I crashed and burned. But, I wanted to get my independence and be able to live alone. I did not want to get to a stage where my parents were no longer alive and I had no idea how to cope.

It has been a turbulent two years.

The first year I was commuting so much that I didn’t have much energy to go out and meet people and then the second year well, COVID-19 happened and I became all alone. Honestly it has had some really difficult moments. It has also had some fantastic moments. I have friends, I am seeing more of the area I live and I am surviving more and more.

Even though this pandemic hit me financially and I have been unable to afford much I still pay my rent and enjoy my flat. The only things that would make it better would be if I could replace my bed, hoover and get air-conditioning. Maybe, when I get my disability benefits back I will be able to do this.

I have also had some good landlords who have been supportive which has made this journey easier.

I am living proof that people who are disabled can live alone. I am proof that the only barrier are the ones that you set for yourself.


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