Friday Shout Out - Millicent Simmonds

Friday Shout Outs are going to be a new thing on my blog. Every week I will find one thing to give a shout out to, whether it is someone in my personal life, who will be anonymised for their privacy, a celebrity, or something that catches my eye. From this shut ins perspective, its my way to spread some positivity into the world.

So, without any further delay, this weeks Friday Shout Out is for Millicent Simmonds.

If you do not know who Millicent Simmonds is, she is the actress who has a starring role in A Quiet Place and the sequel which was released this year.

So why is a celebrity getting a shout out. Well honestly, Millicent ROCKS. She plays a deaf character in the movie and is actually deaf. They did not train a hearing person to play a deaf character they actually went with a deaf actress. One, who for interviews has an interpreter to help her.

The fact that she is deaf is not what makes her get a shout out, no, it is the fact that in a movie with big named actors, she was the shining star. She has proved to the differently abled community that you can get into the acting game and be a star. You may have to wait for the exact role to come along but when it does you will shine.

Millicent, you do not know how much it means to me to see someone representing both the deaf community as well as all other differently abled people. I am in awe of you. Because some of my difficulties were not diagnosed till later in life, I missed the boat on acting so to see you represent I am soooo happy to see it.

Keep representing and being the amazing person you are.

AND if you readers have not seen A Quiet Place get the DVD and then go see the sequel in the cinema.


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