For my birthday this year

 I am going to have my 2nd pandemic birthday on July 7th, 2021. I will be turning 35.

I have not had the best year and I can honestly say that I wish I had some goodness happening in my life. So, here is my wish list for my birthday.

  1. To win the life-changing amounts on the lottery so I can clear my debts and buy my own home, so I am not renting anymore.
  2. I want a new bed, that is suitable for people with disabilities and not broken like the one that I am currently sleeping on.
  3. I want an air conditioner so that I do not have to avoid my living room during the summer.
  4. A new chest of drawers to replace my broken ones.
  5. New grabbers.
  6. Some walking aids.
  7. 2-year subscription for a fall service so I have protection when I fall.
  8. Stockpile long life food to reduce my food bill for a while.
  9. UK International stamps to continue my volunteering with Soldiers Angels.
  10. Birthday message or skype call from one or more of the following celebrities;
    • James Morrison;
    • Joel de la Fuente;
    • Kristen Cloke
    • Lani Chapman
    • Rodney Rowlands
    • Morgan Weisser
    • Mark Harmon
    • Cote de Pablo
    • George Eads
    • Robert Davi
    • William Petersen
    • Jorja Fox
    • Lucy Lawless
    • Pauley Perrette
    • Billy Burke
    • Kenny Chesney
    • Shemar Moore
    • Giovanni Pernice
    • Blake Shelton
    • Toby Keith
    • Miranda Lambert
    • Matthew Grey gubler
    • Jackson Rathbone
    • Kellen Lutz
    • Jim Parrack
    • Sierra Mclain
    • Natacha Karam
    • Oliver Stark
    • Kenneth Choi
    • Angela  Bassett
    • Traci Thomas


I know that all of these hopes and wishes are about as likely to happen then me getting to meet the President of the United States and get a free ride from a college in the States. I can however dream.


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