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For my birthday this year

 I am going to have my 2 nd pandemic birthday on July 7 th , 2021. I will be turning 35. I have not had the best year and I can honestly say that I wish I had some goodness happening in my life. So, here is my wish list for my birthday. To win the life-changing amounts on the lottery so I can clear my debts and buy my own home, so I am not renting anymore. I want a new bed, that is suitable for people with disabilities and not broken like the one that I am currently sleeping on. I want an air conditioner so that I do not have to avoid my living room during the summer. A new chest of drawers to replace my broken ones. New grabbers. Some walking aids. 2-year subscription for a fall service so I have protection when I fall. Stockpile long life food to reduce my food bill for a while. UK International stamps to continue my volunteering with Soldiers Angels. Birthday message or skype call from one or more of the following celebrities; James Morrison; Joel de la Fuente; Kristen Cloke La

How do you know if someone is Flirting?

 I am needing help from the Neuro Diverse community. I have autism. I am not very good at reading people or even reading my own behavior. Usually, it doesn’t matter because my work colleagues know this so if I start feeling confused, they help me out. Unfortunately, my colleagues were not with me when I went to the store today. I went to the store and had one of those “sales” people to help me change my energy provider. Now the confusing bit is, I don’t know if the guy was flirting with me. Even more so, I am not even sure if I was flirting. How can you tell if someone is flirting with you? I really don’t know. I need help identifying this. Please, if anyone in the Neuro-diverse community can help me or Neuro-Typical people help me understand this. ALL HELP APPRECIATED!!!

Havent blogged for a while

 So I haven't written a blog post for a while. I have been struggling but I started this blog originally so that I could share how I am feeling. So, here it goes. Relationships: I had some unsolicited advice about relationships recently. I was told, because of the way I look and that I am disabled that I should just settle for the first guy that shows interest in me. Honestly, that is something that really hurt. It's like that episode of Friends where Ross made a list about Rachel and what he likes and doesn't like about her. Rachel finds the list and says something about the things that make you insecure about yourself is something someone made a list about. That's how I felt. I didn't ask to be born autistic with asthma and dyslexia. I did not ask to develop mental health problems or spinal problems. Yet, all these things, including the weight I gained because of my disabilities and meds are what people judge me on whether I would be good girlfriend material. I do