Writing through Writers Block and Ginny and Georgia

Writer’s block is a bitch.

Honestly, writing a blog whilst shielding is difficult. Most of the things you get inspiration from comes from everyday life. But what do you do when everyday life is the same 4 walls? You get writer’s block.

With that being said, I watched the second half of Ginny and Georgia today and I am amazed. TV writers have moved away from candy floss TV and come up with Ginny and Georgia. Do not get me wrong, there are some candy floss moments for example the Character Hunter writing a song about Ginny, or doing an elaborate tap routine on her 16th birthday down the halls of school… Not real life! Especially not realistic if you have multiple disabilities and look the way I do. There are no men tap dancing for me or writing songs about me.

You may think by that paragraph that I don’t like the show… Oh, contraire my friend. Georgia is a single mother who has survived a lot in life, Max a lesbian high schooler, Marcus troubled teen having sex with Ginny, MANG high school clique with troubles of their own, I love the show. Its no Heart Break High but it’s getting back to the realness of life. High school is not this sappy place that you find the love of your life, it’s a dog-eat-dog world. The moments of happiness you feel are diluted by the stress to succeed.

Even though the candy floss moments exist which kind of makes me feel a tad pukey, it does not change the fact that post-pandemic, I wish I could find my Marcus or Hunter. Someone good looking who loves me for me. I know with all my disabilities that may be tough to find, but hey, single life is not that bad, really!


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