Women and Gender Fluid people born women

In light of the Sarah Everard murder, I think it is important to talk about safety for women and Gender Fluid people born women. 

Being a woman can be a scary thing. You are always worried about what happens when you are out on your own. It is something that we always have to be concerned about. It has also something that you worry about especially when you see news where a police officer committed the crime like in the Sarah Everard murder.

So, here are some things that can help with safety.

  1. Don’t walk down dark alleys alone if you can avoid it. If you can’t avoid it, be on the phone with someone else whilst you are walking there.
  2. Take some self-defense classes so that if you walk alone then you can protect yourself.
  3. Remember, if someone holds a weapon to you, following their instructions, it could be safer than fighting. It can mean the difference between Rape and being murdered.
  4. If you can safely get away from an attacker, then do so.
  5. If you live in a ground floor property or a house, make sure all your windows are locked at night as well as doors.
  6. Do not have a pattern of routes home. Vary your travel routes so that there is never a pattern.
  7. If you are going out alone have a personal alarm.
  8. Remember not all police officers are like the ones in the Sarah Everard Case. You should not distrust all police officers.
  9. If on a night out, do not get so drunk that you do not know your surroundings.
  10. Never leave your drink unattended on a night out or accept drinks from people you do not know unless it goes from the bartender’s hands to your own.
  11. If on a night out, you are concerned about someone at the club speak with security and if necessary, have someone come and pick you up that you know to bring you home.
  12. If you have been a victim of crime make sure you report it and know that being a victim of crime is not your fault.


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