Learning through annoyance

There is fun to be had with your disabilities.

I recently had fun with a colleague who did not know what Dragon software was. This is something that has been around for a long while so to not know what it was is to me, ridiculous.

I had said to her “I have dragon, to help me work”. The look of confusion on her face was amazing. I could see the cogs in her brain turning. She said to me “you have a dragon?” I looked at her in sheer surprise. For one thing I had not said that I had a dragon, I had said I have dragon.

My response to this question was not to say, no it is speech-to-text software. That would have been the kind thing to do. My response was “Yes, I have a dragon, his name is Bob” and then I walked off.

It is not something that I should be proud of but I am. Having disabilities is hard enough when people are not fully listening. I know it was a minor error on my colleagues’ part, but it is something that is frustrating. When I must think about everything I say and, second guess it all the time to make sure that I am saying the right things, to be misheard like that is something that I just hate.

I did later explain to my colleague why I responded the way I did, and we laughed about it later. My colleague then went and did some research of all software that could be brought up in conversation, so it didn’t happen again. We laugh about it a lot now.

Sometimes you have to be true to yourself to make people understand, and that is ok. 

Stay safe and well everyone.


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