Shielding is HARD

Shielding is really hard. It is really hard especially when you are living alone.

At the start of the pandemic, I felt like “I will power through this”. Honestly now, I am considering teaching my guinea pigs Italian so that they respond to commands in Italian.

I had to stop learning Italian because I realized that my talking to myself had evolved from speaking to myself in English to speaking to myself in Italian.

It is also hard when you are having to shield off your own back and have no support from the government as their ideas on asthmatics is flawed.

The physical implications to shielding as well have not been good. I now struggle with muscle weakness which means I am having to go to physio bi-weekly… SOOOO MUCH FUNNNN.

If you are struggling with shielding and living alone I would ask that you all remember that it is ok not to be ok. I will repeat that, IT'S OK NOT TO BE OK! Seek help if you need it and please remember you will be ok.

Stay safe and well out there,


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