Response to the Vulgarity I received

I was planning on doing a post about the anti-lockdown protests, or as I call it the collection of anti-lockdown morons. However, I looked in my DMs on my thank you campaign Twitter account and saw a lot of vulgar aimed at me for supporting the police. This is a reaction to Sarah Everard’s body being found and a police officer arrested for her murder.

So, again I will say, I support the MAJORITY of the police. By that I mean, the 99% that join the force to make a difference, who do not let their personal ideology get in the way of the duty they have or the responsibility.

No police force is perfect. They have the 1% who do abuse their authority, or are morons who let their moronic nature interfere with doing the job.

Now you will say, “what happened at the vigil was wrong”. NO SHIT SHERLOCK! However, let me ask you the question, You are a police officer, you are asked to attend and do security at the vigil of a murder victim who was killed by an officer on your force. Would you not think that there were likely to be people who could attack you? Would you not be more on edge or on a hair-trigger at the event?

Yes, the Met Police got it wrong. I reiterate NO SHIT, SHERLOCK! But people make mistakes. Should you be hauled over the coals for every mistake you make at work, or at home, or in public? You try to enter a shop without a face mask on, should people be slamming you on social media? You break up a fight in your home, but a bystander gets hurt by you, should you be slammed on social media? The police have a higher responsibility level than the public, and yes, they can make mistakes. What if a police officer took a break to be part of the vigil would you have kicked off at them for being there?

Unless you can walk in the shoes of a police officer, you will never know how hard it is for the good officers. To all the good officers, across the globe, Thank You For Your Service.


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