Are we going back to normality?

I know there is much talk about when we can go back to normal now that Boris has set out his road map. I am going to say that I will be cautiously optimistic about this. We had false hope at the end of the 1st lockdown and we were again landed into the 2nd lockdown. So, I am going to say I am cautiously optimistic.

However, let's talk about the reality for those who are shielding and going back to “normality”. I have been shielding now since March 2020, and I have sustained muscle weakness. This rears its ugly head when I am trying to push myself to do extra steps the next day I am sore as hell. This would be 4000 steps and I hurt like hell. I am also autistic. I have been alone since March 2020 and I am uber concerned about my interactions back in the workplace. Honestly, I want to make sure that I am ok enough not to be running around hugging everyone.

So for me, I am going to have to take the following steps that I will need to take to make sure that I am ok with being in a big office again;

  1. I need to build up my strength and stability physically before I can commute
  2. I need to work on my anxiety about being out and about
  3. I need to find somewhere that I can work at least 1 day a week that is out of the flat when I am building my strength up so that I will be able to socialise with people and get accustomed to being around people again.

I can’t imagine that I will be able to get back to my office until the end of the year maybe. Do not let people rush you back to your office and do what is right for you.

Stay safe out there people.


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