Beauty and the Beast


No this is not a post about the Disney movies or the cartoon. I want to talk about beauty and the beast.

Women, no matter their look always feel like they’re the “beast”. That is if they are not the “bombshell beauty” that society says is the best. Me – at best I consider myself average. I am no Amanda Tapping!

I also know that there is this view that all women want the male “bombshell beauties”. Not the case. Well, not the case for me. For me what is attractive is variable. If you stuck all my ex’s in a line you would find it hard to pick out the common denominator amongst them, except that they're all men.

Don’t take my word for it, see the picture below. I have pulled together pictures of various different celebrities that I have had a crush on and fancied in my lifetime. I would ask that you find 5 things that link them other than the fact that they’re men and celebrities. You need to find 5 things that link them ALL.


Did you find anything that linked them all? I bet you didn’t. I can say this with 100% certainty. I showed all these pictures to a select few of my friends and some found some “lush” others not so much. Not one of my friends came to a consensus.

I would note here, ignore the age. Age is but a number at either end of the scale. If you find an older man that you find attractive and wants to be with you there is no problem with that, same for younger men too.

So why can’t someone like me get a “Billy Burke”, or a “Joel de la Fuente”, or a “Shemar Moore”, or a “Robert Davi”, or a “Mason Temple”, or a “Felix Mallard”. Why do women like me have to settle because their “average” or that they have disabilities.

I have had men say to me “Your damaged goods” because of my disabilities. I have had men say to me “you're defective” for the same reason. Another lovely person of the male persuasion said, “with your looks, and your disabilities, you should settle”.

Just because I will not, I get abuse. I also know what it is like to be me, so won't lumber anyone without a good understanding of me with me. My disabilities can be crazy, and I have restrictions on what I can and can not do. So, unless people really understand this then hey, I am not going to lumber them with it.

Why can’t we get the men that we find attractive, just because we do not look like Halle Berry, Jennifer Aniston, Carrie Underwood, or Miranda Lambert? It is unfair.

So, the next time you hear a man say, “women only go for the beauties” message me for a picture, show it to them, and say “this person has multiple disabilities is over the age of 30, is overweight because of their meds, and looks like this. Would you cross a bar to talk to them?” I honestly would be intrigued to hear the answer.

Maybe there is a beauty for this beast, I have yet to find them.


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