Anti Lockdown Protests - Morons Incorporated

I am getting exceedingly sick and tired of the Anti Lockdown protests. 

Honestly, how can these people think what they are doing is going to help? I believe in free speech and, I believe in the right to protest, but in the midst of a pandemic, responsibility is called for. In the midst of a pandemic where thousands of people have lost their lives, and many people have had to face isolation for months on end, reasonableness should not be sacrificed.

You may not like lockdowns, but who are you to put lives on the line? The pictures I saw of people who were not socially distancing, not wearing a mask, and being downright moronic scares me. I have had to shield off my own back since March 2020 which has been difficult as I have had no support from the government. I have sacrificed seeing my family and my friends for the greater good. You morons in the Anti-Lockdown movement jeopardize all of the sacrifices myself, and people like me have made over the last year. 

How dare you!

You want to be able to go to the pubs, and clubs, and social gatherings, yet you are the people making it impossible. I get the WHO updates and I see the numbers fluctuating. I have already had to be alone for 1 birthday and 1 Christmas, your actions are likely to make me have to be alone for another birthday. How dare you!

If you follow morons incorporated, then I suggest that you have your intelligence tested.

Anyone who is part of this should be placed on a list, they should be the last to get vaccinated and should they contract COVID, they should be deprioritized so that people who have done the right thing get the care they need before them.

Honestly, if you know someone who is part of the anti lockdown movement cut ties, they will bring you down.

Stay safe and well out there.


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